Can A Mom REALLY Have It All?
Who is this course for?
Those who are...
Tired of feeling SO tired
Desperately needing some "Me-time"
Time strapped
Feeling pulled in a million directions
Experiencing constant "mom-guilt"
This is what you’ll get when you register for Conquer Your Calendar:
  • The full Conquer Your Calendar program and portal that takes you through all the strategies and tactics that have allowed me to balance my entrepreneurial lifestyle, and raising my 7 children.
  • 3 modules that help you understand how to tackle time management in a way that will bring so much more ease, joy and fulfilment into your life.
  • Beautiful worksheets and tools that will allow you to create a customized schedule, efficiently and in style!
  • Access to our Conquer Your Calendar Community, a group of like minded moms who want to do life with success, integrity and joy.
  • Transcripts of all the trainings.
  • Lifetime Access to ALL course content!
100% Money Back Guarantee!
What People Are Saying
“Lisa helped me find time in my busy work schedule for a weekly date night with my husband.
My marriage - and my life - are forever changed and I couldn’t have done it without Lisa’s help!”
“Lisa helped me reduce my mom-guilt big time.
Before working with Lisa, I was always feeling guilty when I would tackle some work, as I felt like I was taking time away from the kids. Or when I was  with the kids, I felt so distracted by my large TO DO  list for work. Now, everything has its own place in its schedule and I feel light and free.”
We will focus on identifying your priorities, and getting you clearer on what your unique purpose in life is.
We will create an ideal week schedule, and I’ll share with you strategies to save time, keep your priorities straight, and essentially keep you from falling into those “hot-mess” patterns.
We will dive into habits that will make all these things stick!
Think you don’t have time to complete an online course?

I totally get it.
I have purchased SO MANY COURSES that I have not completed.

That is why I created Conquer Your Calendar to be consumed in literally one evening. You can go through all the video content in the same amount of time you would Netflix binge watch your favourite show, and make a significant start on the exercises.


Because I know in my own life, if a personal trainer shows up at the house there is a 100% likelihood that I will work out…


You can also experience Conquer Your Calendar LIVE WITH ME in the comfort of your own home!

For three weeks, I am going to hop on an online platform called Zoom and walk you through the Conquer Your Calendar content LIVE and be available LIVE for Q and A and time to work on the exercises!

So you can choose to go through the content at your own pace, or show up to live classes with me in the comfort of your own home!!!!!

Get ready to experience...
More joy!
Less overwhelm!
Less mom-guilt!
More freedom!
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